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“What Happened” / “I Happened” and Other Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

November 23, 2017
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Hillary Clinton Book EmailsThanksgiving Day, 2017:  Leftists and Democrats — but then there’s no need to repeat oneself — are still licking their collective wounds and grasping at even the thinnest strands of hope to make the Russian-Trump collusion accusation stick to the side of the barn of public opinion.

After one year of continuous investigations by Democrat media pressitutes posing as humorless Inspectors Clouseau,  CNN’s Fake Yapper with a constipated grimace reported to his 23 remaining viewers that there is now evidence to finally prove that Trump used Russian dressing on his salad during the 2016 campaign and that there may be proof that Putin himself has ties to Russia while Donald Trump, Jr. actually asked a Russian bartender for a vodka martini before the 2016 election.  (Natasha and Boris admitted in a press release that they were responsible for stealing the 33,000 emails from Hillary’s illegal file server and providing them to Moose and Squirrel for release to Julian Assange and Wikileaks; Seth Rich, unfortunately, is no longer available for comment.)

Hillary Clinton Email Server.gif

While independent counsel Robert Mueller is still peeling back the curtain on the empty stage of the Russian-Trump sideshow, the DNC propaganda machine can’t seem to smell under their collective snouts the fetid mess of Hillary’s actual misdeeds in selling off the country piecemeal while she was secretary of state; Uranium One is now the MSM’s code word for “Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory.”

Attendees at the launch of Hillary’s new book, “What Happened” were as numerous as the attendees at her political rallies which is the main reason she lost — perhaps Russians were responsible for hacking her crowds, or more probably, more people were attending the launch of Trump’s new book:  “I Happened.”

Russia Hillary Hack

Regardless of what the public thinks of Trump, there is undoubtedly one thing he is doing remarkably well:  Trump is definitely not Hillary.



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Orange is the New Black, and Russians are the New Jews

May 13, 2017
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Russians Everywhere

Trump’s first 100 days in Office were recently assessed by his “adoring” fans in the Mainstream Media, also known as the Ministry of DNC Agitprob:  Anderson “Vanderbilt” Cooper rolled his “mean-girl” eyes dramatically during his interview with Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager; Stephen Colbert lambasted Trump for his comments about someone named Dickerson on “Deface the Nation”; and someone named Mika Brzezinski called out CNN for even interviewing Kellyanne Conway as indulging in “politics porn.”  (Ironic that the media are awash in claims of Russians behind every turn, yet they missed an obvious target-rich person with a name like Mika Brzezinski.)


Meanwhile, Leftists and Progressives drew disillusioned pimply-faced man-children from their parents’ basements, dressed them up in black masks and dark clothing and gave them bats to riot and protest freedom of speech at such “liberal bastions” as UC Berkeley.  This new movement called Antifa (ironically “Anti-Fascists”) shut down planned speaking engagements by both Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay, practicing Catholic British citizen of Greek and Jewish descent, and Ann Coulter, an anorexic, acerbic provocateur; Milo’s and Ann’s biggest crime against humanity is that they did not vote for Hillary Rotten Clinton.

Meanwhile, the media were abuzz with charges that Trump and the Russians had colluded to “hack” the 2016 election against Hillary; no one seemed interested in discussing the fact that it was the crooked Democrats who wrote the “how to rig the Democrat primary against Bernie” memos — not the Russians.  How dare the Russians try to rig our elections by exposing how the Democrats rigged their primary election!

Just when that media seemed out of breath beating that dead horse, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.  Democrats beat up poor James Comey during the election for investigating Hillary for having an unsecured file server in her outhouse with classified information then deleting 33,000 emails and taking hammers to subpoenaed cell phones and laptops.  Democrats demanded that Obama fire Comey; now, that Trump has fired Comey, Democrats demand that Trump be impeached.

Comey Suicide Email

With Comey gone, Trump supporters are hoping the investigation into Kim Jung Hillary’s email server will be pursued with renewed vigor while the Democrats continue to cast Russians as their new villains much to the relief of their former favorite scapegoats.



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Russians, Recounts & #FakeNews

December 21, 2016
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After election day, 11/08/2016, Liberals spent the next several weeks in impotent rage that Kim Jong Hillary did not win the necessary electoral votes to assure her coronation on the Iron Throne.  Leftists across the nation marched, torched buildings, filled their diapers and threw tantrums in every major city center in which Hillary actually won.

Once it became clear that the tantrums were not enough to force Trump to capitulate and cede the election to Hillary, Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, stepped forward to challenge the results of three crucial states that Trump barely won — Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  Her battle cry was that the integrity of the elections was at stake and that she was pursuing the recounts “for the American people.”  Of course, the integrity of the elections didn’t cause her to ask for recounts in states where Hillary barely won, just in states that Trump barely won.

In the meantime, Hillary was no where to be found — only occasionally, popping up like Big Foot sightings in cell phone pictures of random strangers who just so  happened to bump into her while hiking through Fort Marcy Park; no doubt, Hillary was just scrounging around for an unused piece of real estate that could be used for shallow graves for the remaining dead bodies of fallen enemies and turncoats who always seem to fall like bread crumbs behind the Clintons where ever they skulk about.

When recount efforts resulted in net gains for Trump, efforts then focused on attempts to badger, cajole, threaten and otherwise intimate the individual electoral college delegates while the regular cast of DNC propagandists in the media breathlessly plotted possible long-shot opportunities to unseat President-Elect Trump and install Queen of the Gorgons, Hillary I, to her rightful place on the throne.

In a last ditch effort, celebrities Martin Sheen, father to Charlie “Winning” Sheen, and Debra Messing, best known as Grace Addled of “Will & Grace,” released a video tape, imploring delegates to “follow their consciences” and cast their votes for Hillary.  In the end, Sheen and Messing ended up with egg on their faces as only two Trump delegates cast their votes for someone else while 5 Hillary delegates broke with tradition and voted for others, including one vote for Faith Spotted Eagle in Washington State — Chief Spreadin’ Bull Elizabeth “Faux-Chontas” Warren could not be reached for comment.

Overshadowing the entire process was the media incessantly squawking, chirping and twaddling about Russians hacking our election.  It wasn’t clear if the Democrats were claiming that the Russians hacked into the DNC and released the emails made available through Wikileaks.  Apparently, Democrats were upset that the Russian were trying to rig our election by exposing how Hillary rigged the primary election from Bernie Sanders.  If Russia was so clever about rigging the election for Trump, they couldn’t explain why Hillary won the popular vote which was the result of a massive turn-out of dead voters and illegal aliens in the State of California, so it could be said that foreign entities did in fact sway the US elections.

Ironically, the Mainstream Media, aka the Ministry of DNC Propaganda, began to insist that any nonsense released by any source not sanctioned by said ministry was henceforth to be considered #FakeNews.  This admonition comes from the same group that kept telling the US electorate that Trump had no chance of winning the presidency.  Who knew gaslighting could be so much fun!

In the end, Trump won not once, not twice but three times:  the election, the recount and an even wider margin of electoral college votes!  As Trump crowed during the campaign, the American people will get tired of winning!

On the other hand, Hillary and her supporters will have to be satisfied with a Participation Trophy.

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“Dances with Grifters”: Fall-Out from the 2016 Election

December 6, 2016
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Dr. Jill Stein, Presidential Candidate of the Green Party, has started a fund drive to raise money to recount the ballots in three battleground states:  Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  She apparently thought the “green” in Green Party meant US currency; no one is sure why she wants a recount unless it is to find the 3 votes cast for her on November 8th.  Suspiciously, Dr. Jill Stein only appears in public with Hillary, one on each of Soros’ bony knees.

Democrat Senator of Massachusetts, Chief Lie-awatha Elizabeth Warren is on the war path, promising to run down the Trump Train as it barrels through the Rust Belt, her tribe’s former ancestral hunting grounds; she promised to scalp Steve Bannon, Trump’s appointment as White House Chief Strategist, claiming that he supported “white nationalist” ideals as head of Breitbart.  Meanwhile, Keith Ellison, a Muslim, anti-Semite and black separatist, appears to be the front-runner for top chief position of the DNC.

Apparently, Democrats interpreted Trump’s election as a further indication that the voting public want more Democrat collusion, cronyism and communism instead of less.  Almost immediately after the election, Democrats in Congress voted to dust off Nazi Bela Lugosi Pelosi and release her from the crypt to lead them into a new era of bitterness and contention.

The Grim Reaper visited atheist Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro on the day after Thanksgiving, the first official day of Christmas shopping; ironically, Castro spent his life fighting the evils of capitalism then died on Black Friday, the day symbolizing the commercialization of a Christian holiday.  Castro’s death left Leftists and Obama distraught; Michael Moore was doubly traumatized to learn that Michael “Jim” Delligatti, the inventor of the Big Mac, died a few days later.  Moore was last seen at Trump Tower in Manhattan, dressed in a black circus tent sorrowfully petitioning for a national day of mourning, blaming Trump for the dual catastrophes.

Trump won.  Hillary lost. Castro died.  God Bless America.


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California Cancer & The Great Wall of Mexifornia

November 23, 2016
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Obama -- Undocumented DemocratsBefore the 2016 US Presidential Election, Governor Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown said that if Trump were to be elected President, California would build its own wall — as if that would be a gigantic middle finger to the rest of the country.  Now, that Trump is President Elect, the other 49 states are demanding to know when construction begins.  The rest of the country is even willing to chip in to defray costs; Canada has even volunteered to send builders in hopes of containing and preventing loony celebrities in full apoplectic melt-downs like Lena Dunham, Cher and Rosie O’Donut from escaping into Canada.

After turning California into a Third World Fiefdom of Sanctuary City-States, Leftists have been fleeing  to neighboring states — that actually still function and follow US laws, and where their cancerous ideas have begun to metastasize as they inflict their voting habits on their healthy unsuspecting neighbors.  Not surprisingly, the other 49 states seem overly in favor of the Great Wall of Mexifornia and are beginning to seriously consider life without that gangrenous appendage.  The Motor Voter Bill combined with the brilliant idea of giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens created an instant cache of hundreds of thousands of new “undocumented Democrat voters” just in time for the election.

Post-election analysis reveals that Madonna reneged on her offer to fellate any man who would vote for Hillary; as common wisdom reveals, the Left is full of empty promises.  Madonna knew full well that there is barely enough collective testosterone in all Hillary supporters combined to enable even one healthy male to rise to the occasion.

After spewing sham polls, phony predictions and fraudulent analysis, the Clinton News Network, the New York Slimes and the rest of the tawdry, tired old pressitudes of the Mainstream Media hitched up their fishnet stockings and reapplied their false eyelashes before lecturing Americans that they were racist for electing an old white guy instead of an old white woman.  “Fake News” is what the public should really be concerned about, said the charlatans posing as journalists.

Now, if the rest of country could sponsor a sting operation in the guise of a DNC Fundraiser or a Clinton Foundation Gala in Los Angeles to attract all the East Coast hustlers and chiselers, the builders could finish the Great Wall of Mexifornia and seal them all in together and give the rest of the country a chance to Make America Great Again.

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Already Making America Great Again!

November 16, 2016
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On the night of the election, as state after state went from the Media’s favorite color blue to red for Donald Trump, the stoic neutrality of the Main Stream Media (MSM) was put to the test.  The DNC’s propaganda ministers’ faces fell; some cried; and Anderson Cooper disappeared for a period and was last seen crawling into a whisky bottle at a local dive bar in Manhattan.

The day after the election, university professors called off midterm exams and handed out Play-Doh and coloring books to students who were confused and upset to learn that Kim Jong Hillary would not be coronated Queen after all.  Fairness was in short supply; no participation trophies were awarded.  Bewilderment turned quickly to anger and disappointment.

The next day, protests broke out in Blue Cities around the country, demanding that Trump be assassinated  and Melania be raped.  George Soros threw Hillary, his failed mouthpiece, over board and began employing basement dwellers to protest Trump.  In addition to paying $15-$18/hour, as an added incentive, Soros promised to hand out “Love Trumps Hate” diaper pins, adult-sized pacificiers and half-priced “I’m with Her” campaign merchandise.  Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and already unemployment has fallen!


Meanwhile, in order to raise funds to repay her biggest campaign contributors — the anti-American, radical Muslim countries of Saudi Arabi, Qatar and GeorgeSoros-stan, Hillary has decided to auction off to the highest bidder personally deleted emails from her personal file server.  Huma’s face has started to appear on the side of milk cartons, and Obama has ordered his moving van.

“Make America Great Again!”

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2016: Drain the Swamp, The Rise of the Deplorables

November 9, 2016
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Last night, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the Blue Wall crumbled as the Rust Belt states turned the designated Coronation of Kim Jong Hillary into a triumphant win for the Cheeto-faced Billionaire Donald Trump.  Mainstream Media pundits’ faces fell and some actually melted in agony as they tried to make sense of the Trump Train as it steamrolled over them.

If the DNC-propagandists in the media had bothered to open their eyes and attend a Trump rally over the past several months, it should have been clear what was unfolding:  flyer-over Americans of all stripes, the Official Deplorables, as Hillary had referred to Trump voters were rising up and demanding common sense from their elected politicians: secure borders, better trade deals, jobs and healthcare that is actually affordable instead of the signature “accomplishment” of the current administration:  Obamacare.

The Deplorables disengaged themselves from the Republican and Democrat Establishment’s Matrix which insists on categorizing everyone by victim group, racial category and economic status — the Deplorables were simply American and green who demanded that the swamp in Washington, DC be drained of the  graft and corruption that have become hallmarks of the establishment parties.

Nothing exemplified that swamp like the revelations about the media’s collusion with the DNC and insights into the Clinton Foundation as revealed through Wikileak documents which shed light on how Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State sold access and foreign policy favors and influence through “gifts” and contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  What a money laundering scheme that was — and is.  Perhaps, Bill and Hill will now have more time to devote to their “charitable” enterprises as the new Bonnie & Clyde of American politics.


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Election 2016: The Fun Never Ends!

October 29, 2016
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In years past at this point in the election cycle with less than 2 weeks to go, voters would be anxious to get to election day so that they can discover which of the two Uniparty candidates will occupy the Oval Office, or in this case the Oral Office, should Hillary prevail and the First Dude Bill darken the White House threshold again.  The Kabuki Theater that has become the US presidential cycle follows strict role-playing guidelines governing the two parties:  the Democrats play the role of the abuser while the Republicans play the part of the abused spouse and the dysfunctional relationship is supported by the enablers of the abusers — the DNC propagandists, otherwise known as the Mainstream Media.

Unfortunately for the Washington, DC Drama Class of 2016, a transfer student appeared, unfamiliar with the established roles and with a complete indifference to them.  Trump edged his way into the part of the Republican and wanted to rewrite the part, refusing the mantle of suffering victimhood, usually relished by past Republicans performers.  As the saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and suddenly, all the abusers, usurped victims and the enabled had one common enemy:  Trump.  Suddenly, the establishment Republican party joined forces with the Democrat party and their bully accomplices, the Media in an attempt to drive out the new kid on the block.

2016 has turned out to be a banner year in the theatre business since there were additional cast members who wanted to be included to help spice up the tawdry, antiquated script:  Wikileaks, Gucifer, Assange, Snowden, et al, who have thrown the entire production script into last season’s dustbin.  A new sort of drama has emerged:  more of a hybrid reality performance art piece that actually encourages the audience to participate instead of falling asleep or slipping out the exits.

Finally, the audience are actively engaged after realizing the producers, George Soros and Saudi Arabia, to name just a few, had previously hand-picked the actors in prior productions and set the script according to the ending they wanted instead of the ending the audience paid to see.

While Hillary and Kaine, billed as “Kaine & Unable,” stumble across the stage, playing their old scripted parts, Trump interacts with the audience and plays against type to the delight of the audience and to the chagrin of the Media critics.

As entertaining as the new format is, my vote is to let the drama continue to unfold!

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Trump in the Shark Tank, Hosted by Kim Jong Hill

October 16, 2016
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Trump’s new reality television show is “Survivor:  Trump in the Shark Tank”; the concept is simple:  the RNC ties Trump’s hands as tightly as possible before the DNC pushes him into a tank full of media sharks while the audience munches popcorn, eyes transfixed to the ensuing maelstrom.  Kim Jong Hill is the master of ceremonies and gleefully monitors the activity from a gurney overlooking the tank, narrating the action in between breaths of oxygen from a mask administered by Huma Abedin.

When Trump appears too close to escaping, Hillary speaks fluent Parseltongue to the sharks, whose eyes widen in excitement, as someone from Team Hillary throws in some fresh, bloody chum to stir the pot.  Although on the endangered species list, the still deadly Great White (The New York Times), the AlphaBet-Soup Hammerheads, a new species arising from inter-breeding among ABC/CBS/NBC and even the once docile Nurse Shark, Fox News, which has decided to join the ranks of its more deadly brethren sharks, swarm the tank ready to keep the audience glued to their seats while simultaneously keeping attention off Hillary whose attendees hold umbrellas over Her Heinous to keep the pesky Wikileaks from drowning her; after all, anyone who has seen “The Wizard of Oz” knows the unfortunate outcome of what happens when the Wicked Witch gets wet.

After the release of the now infamous 11-year old tape in which Billy Bush from “Access Hollywood” is heard bantering with Trump about women’s nether regions failed to completely put an end to Trump’s campaign, Team Hillary threw in another piece of chum in this week’s episode:  an accusation by another woman Jessica Leeds who has claimed Trump groped her 30-years ago in First Class on a flight — probably at that time destined for a Democrat  Funding Raising Events where one assumes such events are considered passe and mundane.  Now that Trump is no longer a Democrat and running as a Republican, the media sharks and Hillary swoon like Victorian ladies at such talk and actions.   However, a little research which journalists were once accustomed to doing would turn up some interesting facts such as Ms. Leeds’ employment by none other than the Clinton Foundation and her close friendship with the Shark Whisperer herself Hillary Clinton.  It appears that Jessica Leeds’ story doesn’t quite hold water.

So for now, Trump, nicked and wounded, appears to have survived another round of “Survivor:  Trump in the Shark Tank”; the next episode could be even bloodier if Kim Jong Hill has any say in the matter.


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Raging Bullsh*t in the Age of US Political Cage Fighting: The Feline Edition

October 10, 2016
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The second installment of the Trump – Clinton political cage fight ended yesterday with the Clinton News Network (CNN) miserably depressed that instead of polishing Trump off decisively, Hillary, freshly  sealed and waxed, allowed the brash New Yorker to live and  fight another day .  After the previous Friday’s convenient release of an 11-year secret recording of then registered Democrat Donald Trump’s conversation with Billy Bush, host of “Hollywood Access,” in which he made a reference to felines, Trump apologized twice:  once for his crude language and the second time for once being a Democrat.  The entire episode reminded Trump that the single biggest mistake he has and could ever make is trusting a member of the Bush Family — or the RNC for that matter.


At Trump’s crude remarks, Democrat critics — returning from local performances of “The Vagina Monologues” and screenings of “50 Shades of Grey” — clutched their pearls, swooned on their fainting couches and motioned for their spelling salts.  For a group so eager to remind us all that potential First Dude Bill Clinton’s oral engagements while he was in the White House were “just about sex” and lying under oath about it therefore acceptable, they certainly do have delicate sensibilities.  (Radical punk rock group “Pussy Riot” was not available for comment, however.)


Before the debate, Trump appeared with a small gaggle of past Bill Clinton rape and sexual assault victims, attempting to imply that actions speak louder than words.  During the debates, Bill Clinton appeared like a desiccated pickle and noticeably uncomfortable as he realized that a group of his unwilling sexual past conquests were seated a few rows away; he looked like he had gotten caught with his slick willy in the proverbial cookie jar.


After the debates, “Famous Actor” Robert De Niro released a video in which he acted and sounded like he suffered one too many head injuries while filming “Raging Bull” as he excoriated Trump for being unfit for the highest office in the land; it was particularly effective until remembering that DeNiro was reported as dismissing his buddy Bill’s oral activities as inconsequential.

The Mainstream Media, however, are recovering and remembering their true mission:  to destroy the Donald and insure that Hillary is properly coronated and installed in the White House (and Bill is chained to a post in the backyard).


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