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“Delta Smelt, What’s that (Dead) Flower You Have On…” | November 21, 2009

“Could it be a Faded Rose from Days Gone By?”

Lyrics (Polluted) by Justin Washington and Tribute to Tanya Tucker

As the plaintiff song wafts in the air, so goes California’s golden dream — because of a small, silver fish resembling a minow with small, beady eyes (somewhat similiar in appearance to US Senate Leader Harry Reid).

The US Fish & Wildlife Service, as the teeth behind the Endangered Species Act, has turned off the water spigot to the agricultural Central Valley of California which has been likened to the “bread basket of the US.”  The Endangered Species Act was the brain(drain) child of the former, disgraced and oft-reviled Republican President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon from California. It’s no doubt ironic that the Left’s poster-child of “right-wing” intolerance Richard Nixon signed into law the act that gave the Fish & Wildlife Service — in the name of environmentalism — the power to turn even the innocuous Delta Smelt into a menacing creature with the ability to crush the livlihood of thousands.  Environmentalists have been using such power of the federal government as a weapon against humanoids ever since:  if it’s alive and brainless, it must either go into politics or become a protected species.  Environmentalists’ mantra has become: “the world would be a perfect place if only we could just get rid of those pesky humans.” (Just envision those pimply-faced adolescent Green Peace zombie volunteers hanging outside the local grocery store asking for signatures to outlaw almost all human activity in favor of some local lizard’s ability to poop freely in the environment.)

The formerly lush Central Valley along Interstate 5 which runs up the spine of California now lies in ruin — acre after acre and endless fields of lifeless plants and orchards. (By the way, is the Sierra Club aware that the US Fish & Wildlife Service is responsible for killing trees?) Because of beady-eyed politicians and their throngs of Delta Smelt warriors, the water has been literally turned off with no end in sight, leaving entire towns and communities destitute and jobless — 40% in some Central Valley towns such as Mendota. Now, the generations of Joads and their Okie ancestors and friends who fled to California in the 1930’s from the Dustbowl in Oklahoma to work agricultural jobs in the once-lush California Central Valley can go pack up their pick-ups and make the return trip to Oklahoma (which is now no doubt greener than California) — sort of a reverse “Grapes of Wrath” reworked and renamed “Smelts of Wrath.”


“California’s Man-Made Drought:  The Green War Against San Joaquin Valley Farmers,” WSJ, 09/02/2009.


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  1. The LEFT is allied with the Islamists to destroy America. We are standing by and letting these two evils do so.

    Comment by Roscoe Bonifitucci — September 20, 2011 @ 8:17 am

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