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ObamaCare Suicide Bombers | December 4, 2009

Universal healthcare has been the wetdream of progressives (now known as leftist Democrats) for over 50 years; they are nothing if not persistent, relentless and almost impossible to get rid of — but then again the same could be said of toenail fungus. However, it now appears that with such a prize so close at hand, Nazi Pelosi and Harry “Squeaky” Reid are all but willing to see their numbers significantly winnowed down in the next election in 2010 when the angry villagers throw out of office at least some of their senators and congress critters who end up voting for this barfbag of tricks and taxes, currently known as ObamaCare. (If this is how Obama “cares,” I wonder what happens to those he doesn’t “care for?”)

Pelosi and Reid are like twin gargoyles in headresses and ratty beards sitting crosslegged in a dusty Afghani cave sending out their Obamacare suicide bombers into the body politic to detonate among the same angry villagers; by the time the dust settles, ObamaCare will have been passed and can then promptly be put to the test caring for the wounded and maimed.

“Nancy Pelosi,” Dennis Miller recently observed, “looks like she’d lose a game of tic-tac-toe to a grubworm,” and this is a woman who is now third in line for the presidency and first in line to tell us lowly serfs, that we don’t know what’s good for us and that she and her elitist n’er-to-well know-it-alls do. If death panels are not a part of Obamacare, almost assuredly a large percentage of us Americans will wish there were if this legislative carbuncle is passed and enacted.

In the mean time, deck chairs are being rearranged by Captain Obama and his trusty sidekick Joe Biden on Titanic’s sister ship, The American Economy. The former Community Organizer-in-Chief and his career-politician vice-president held a “jobs summit” today but forgot to invite some key guests, such as representatives from industry and chambers of commerce and entrepreneurs and small business owners who actually create real jobs. This actually makes perfect sense since Obama’s definition of employment only involves government jobs, thus helping to insure the shrinkage of the private sector and a built-in voting block for the next crop of Leftist Democrat politicians.


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