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Death Panels, Federal “Jobs” and Doctor Kevorkian‏ | December 13, 2009

In USAToday on 12/10/2009, an article caught my eye, “For Feds, More Get 6-Figure Salaries,” however, it was the small type below that floored me: “Average Pay $30,000 over PRIVATE SECTOR” [CAPS mine for wild-eyed emphasis].


We are now apparently where the Soviet Union once was where anyone who really wanted to advance in life worked for the government. The additional “benefit” of working for the federal government is that federal workers get every known holiday off and then some — I hear Mao’s May Day will be added to the list shortly. Also, one can be as incompetent as possible and snarl at the taxpaying “customers” and never get fired; pay raises are almost guaranteed. This is called the public sector crowding out the private sector, and the public sector is apparently getting more crowded and better-heeled with each passing day.

I think that the private sector has become highly over-rated: competition is fierce and the hours are too long. To top it off, the private sector is at the mercy of politicians who at any given time and at every conceiveable opportunity can and do raise taxes, implement “fees,” penalties and the like. Why bother?

My advice to everyone in the private sector is to quit and begin working for the federal government; when there’s no one left to tax to pay for the government workers, maybe then the politicians will figure out where the money to pay for all those on the public payroll actually comes from. I won’t be holding my breath.

Speaking of breath, it appears that the Democrats are so focused on passing this healthcare bill that they look like they are either laying an egg or forcing stool. I for one certainly hope they do include a “death panel” in this trail of cat sick, known alternatively as ObamaCare or PelosiCare (I personally wish they’d stop “caring” so much). Obama can name Dr. Kevorkian as the “Death Czar” to join the thousands of other “czars” in the Obama administration. (Now, I know how Obama intends to reduce the jobless rate: hire all the unemployed as federal workers under each of the new czars — it’s practically become a cottage industry!)


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