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Obama’s B+ on St. Oprah’s Christmas Special and the Nobel Prize | December 15, 2009

On St. Oprah’s Christmas Special with the Obamas at the Whitehouse on Sunday, 12/13/2009, the Community-Organizer-In-Chief gave himself a “good solid B+” on his first-year in office.  While I would consider that proof of grade-inflation (as opposed to monetary inflation which he and Tiny Tim “The Tax-Cheat” Geithner are also cooking up), I am pleasantly surprised at The One’s humbleness in giving himself only a “B+” – I would have expected something like “A+++”; however, I am fully expecting the political mavens and propaganda shills, hacks and asundry blowhards on the network “news” programs (ABC, NBC and “See BS”) as well as MSNBC and CNN to do the heavy lifting for him — sort of like “outsourcing the jobs that most Americans just won’t do.”  Perhaps, Chrissy Matthews can elevate the B+ to something more in line with Obama’s messianic aura on his hard-hitting program “Wiffle Ball with Chris Matthews” while demonstrating just how exactly that now famous “tingle” goes up his leg whenever he hears the voice of the Telepromptor-In-Chief.
And what about that Nobel Peace Prize that Obama recently accepted while improving our relations abroad by snubbing King Harald of Norway?  Lest anyone feel inadequate, next year, you, too, can get your own Nobel Peace Prize by mailing in three boxtops of any Lucky Charms  or Captain Crunch cereal boxes.  (Not to be outdone, one restaurant is apparently giving one away with every order of shrimp tacos.) 

This seems to follow a trend, given that the once-revered award was given to both esteemed US President Jimmy Carter in 2002 and Yasser Arafat  in 1994.  Among other “accomplishments,” President Carter can be most notably remembered for impotently standing by while the once pro-West Iran fell into into the hands of scraggly bearded mullahs and Time Magazine’s Man of the Year for 1979, the Ayatollah Khomeini which is STILL causing the world much heartburn.  Famed international Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat won his Nobel Peace Prize earlier in 1994 for “efforts to create peace in the Middle East.”  We bear witness to the resulting “peace” that Israel and its neighbors have enjoyed ever since — maybe the Nobel Committee misunderstood and thought that it was “a piece prize” rather than “the peace prize.”

At any rate, Al Gore, bundled up in a parka, plaid scarf and fluffy earmuffs, became a Nobel Peace Prize recipient in 2007 for efforts to “disseminate greater knowledge” about man-made global-warming (now known as “man-made climate change” after global temperatures started falling like lead balloons); the source of these changes in the climate can apparently be directly linked to such things as cow flatulence and SUV’s.  The first “carbon-neutral documentary,” entitled “An Inconvenient Truth,” starring Al Gore, went on to win not one but two Academy Awards in 2006.  The only inconvenience caused was that it was neither a documentary nor the truth.  (Perhaps, this can explain the plummeting numbers of people who actually watch the Academy Awards anymore — as “An Inconvenient Truth” receiving not one but two Oscars has become yet another example of “grade-inflation.”)

Al Gore quoted Mark Twain,”What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”  Al Gore has never sounded so logical.


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