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Viva La Tea Party!

April 29, 2010
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Arizona has apparently “gone European” on us; since — thanks to the Euro-weenie Democrat politicians — we now have big-government healthcare “reform,” Arizona has decided to become even more European in demanding that people actually comply with immigration laws.  What a concept!

Since President Urkel Obama has felt it necessary to apologize to the entire world for US exceptionalism in his desperate attempt to make the US unexceptional and commonplace, it would make sense that the US become like every other country in the world and start enforcing its own borders and that people within those borders prove their right to be within those borders.  (I think they call it showing proof of citizenship or legal resident status.)  The “new” Arizona law simply restates what is already in our federal laws which our spineless politicians have refused to enforce; this “new” law has caused Al Sharpton, Jesse Jacka$$, members of La Raza/MEChA,  the ACLU and other ethnocentric, race-baiting groups to wet their collective pants. 

Perhaps, Mexico should be our new role model when it comes to dealing with illegal immigrants, after all, Mexico has militarized its southern border with Guatemala and Belize.  Now, we don’t have to go so far as Mexico does and harrass, molest and extort money from the illegals that do manage to break into their country; simply, deporting them would suffice.  However, considering the amount of narco-trafficking and military and paramilitary incursions over our border with Mexico, perhaps militarizing the border might not be a bad idea.

"Violent" and Radical Tea Party Protestor

Meanwhile, the progressive propaganda machine formerly known as the “mainstream media” has taken a break from “exposing” the inherent “racism,” “radical anti-government” and “potentially violent” members of the Tea Party movement formerly known as “decent, hard-working, law-abiding American citizens” to ignore the true violence of the bottle-throwing, stick-wielding, pro-illegal alien protestors in Arizona.  Instead the progressive propaganda  machine has gone into hyper-overdrive calling the new law, supported by 70% of the Arizona public, “Nazi-like” for enforcing existing immigration law. 

Ironically, Urkel in the White House has decided that defending our southern borders against invasion and enforcing existing immigration laws are the only areas where we should not emulate our European role-models or our illustrious neighbor to the South. Perhaps new plans to grant amnesty to the millions of illegal aliens already here thus insuring a whole new voting block of new Democrat voters might have something to do with that?

Addressing amnesty without first sealing the border would be like the passengers on Titanic trying to scoop out the on-rush of seawater with a teaspoon without first sealing the gash in its hull.  No one can blame the individual illegal alien from trying to escape the cesspool south of the border, especially since once across that border, they’re eligible for public assistance and their children get a free public school education and at minimum $8,000 per student per year multiplied by hundreds of thousand/millions — well, you do the math.  

But there is plenty of blame to be had for the spineless politicians trolling for and courting the Hispanic vote by shamelessly looking the other way.  Today’s tidal wave of illegal immigration is not your grandfather’s variety of a handful of workers looking to harvest lettuce; today’s variety is the gangsta-rap version more interested harvesting “lettuce” from refined cocoa and ganja and smuggling in human cargo while dragging their lawlessness, shoot-outs and drug-raids with them.

At the epicenter of this madness, law-abiding residents of Arizona were simply tired of being victimized and enforcing already existing federal laws is one step in the right direction.

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