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“As California Goes… | July 14, 2010

…so goes the Nation.”  How far the world has changed since that phrase was “hark the herald angels sing” but instead now has become something of a curse of impending doom.  The “Golden State” has turned out to be nothing other than a shiny, metallic bangle, made in China, fallen from the frock of the Wicked Witch of the West, HRH Nosey Pelosi from the Asylum by the Bay formerly known as San Francisco (where it is abundantly clear that the inmates are in fact running the asylum).

San Francisco’s nemesis to the south and the nation’s second largest city, Lost Anglos has  now become the official capital city of Azatlan, the once mythical land dreamed up by radical members of La Raza and MEChA; Azatlan is the land reconquered by the “rightful owners” (i.e., ethnocentric Hispanics) of the entire southwestern portion of the United States. 

When Mexican Presidente Calderon was in the United State on his last official visit to take a crack at reading Obama’s teleprompter, chastizing Arizona, one of our own states, in the House of Representatives, he was given a standing ovation by beaming moonbat democrats; after this third-world head of state was done, he was interviewed by The Wolfman Blitzer of the Clinton News Network (CNN).  Blitzer must be getting old and forgetful, obviously thinking he was interviewing a Republican when he actually asked some shockingly straightforward questions of El Presidente.

BLITZER: So in other words, if somebody sneaks in from Nicaragua or some other country in Central America, through the southern border of Mexico, they wind up in Mexico, they can go get a job…


BLITZER: They can work.

CALDERON: If — if somebody do that without permission, we send back — we send back them.

Let’s see:  Mexico deports illegals in its country, but the US is expected to absorb all  illegals who cross the US/Mexican border (including members of Hezoballah) ?

Now, it’s clear why wild-eyed Nazi Pelosi and her gaggle of minions were braying vociferously and clapping their hooves after Calderon basically told the US that it has no right to enforce its own border, while Mexico does the exact opposite.   It seems that hypocrisy is the beacon on the hill and has no limits in Pelosi’s world order.

Speaking of hypocrisy, the Los Angeles City Council recently passed a boycott of the State of Arizona when Arizona passed into law, the law that is already law but nowhere enforced by federal, state or local law enforcement; it seems the braintrusts and unphotogenic rejects from “Depicable Me” that comprise the Los Angeles City Council think it unseemly that Arizona will actually begin to enforce existing immigration laws, making it illegal for illegals to be illegally in the State of Arizona.  What an amazingly draconian action by the State of Arizona! 

Shortly after the smug geniuses passed the boycott, lead by Janice Hahn, scion of the Family that Common Sense Forgot, the LA City Council immediately had to vote on an exception to the boycott by extending a contract to an Arizona company to install photo-operated red-light enforcement cameras.

“The boycott (of the state of Arizona) never intended to impede public safety,” Councilman Richard Alarcon said. “It intended to, if anything, send forth a message to Arizona, but not to negatively impact of the city of Los Angeles.”  (As a side-bar, in keeping with the theme of third-world politics in which Los Angeles has now descended, Alarcon is being investigated for allegedly not legally residing in the area which he represents; a squatter reportedly moved into his “legal residence” in the district which he represents and had time to change the locks before anyone noticed — you be the judge…) 

Obviously, the message should have been that council members should learn to do their homework instead of jumping at the chance to engage in juvenile political stunts to drum up support for illegal alien voters.  Perhaps city council members should figure out ways to fix the innumerable potholes in the street which number roughly in the same range as the number of illegals that have moved in this “sanctuary city.”

Actually, it would be more amusing if Arizona passed a boycott of Los Angeles in retaliation; it is certain that these contestants for reality t.v. sitting on the city council have no idea that Arizona provides about 1/4 of Los Angeles’ electrical power.  One can picture the blowhards at the next City Council Meeting sitting in the dark  (and thankfully silent like when President Urkel’s teleprompter shuts down) at City Hall because Arizona got tired of the children throwing tantrums and decided to throw the switch, so to speak.

Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, serving under the Obama Administration, recently filed a law suit against the State of Arizona over its “new law” to enforce a law that is already a federal law.  The real question now should be :  Will the Justice Department now file a lawsuit against all US cities that have declared themselves “sanctuary cities” or cities that REFUSE to enforce federal laws regarding illegal immigration?  Number one and two on the list should be San Francisco and Los Angeles. 

Don’t expect that anytime soon…


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  1. Fabulous essay, I loved it all. “Moonbats” indeed, and some combination of ignorant, guilt-ridden, and suicidal.

    I offer a manifesto for this important fight, perhaps the most important since the Civil War.

    Comment by sasoc — July 14, 2010 @ 11:22 pm

  2. At least the liberals don’t let a little boycott affect their plans, it’s the thought that counts anyway.

    Comment by Brie — July 18, 2010 @ 5:46 pm

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