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From “Illegal Aliens” to “Undocumented Democrats” in Three Short Hops | August 1, 2010

As a result of Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder filing a federal lawsuit against the State of Arizona preempting Arizona from enforcing existing immigration laws, Clinton appointee, Judge Susan Bolton stripped the guts from Arizona’s “new” law which would have enabled law enforcement to ask for proof of citizenship during routine investigations which has caused concern among illegal aliens or illegal immigrants or undocumented workers whichever politically correct term is currently en vogue.

First, the term “illegal alien” was replaced by “illegal immigrant” because of complaints from aliens from outer space who were tired of being handed dirty dishes, spatulas and lawn mowers whenever they tried to abduct humanoids.  (Of course, everyone knows that before the arrival of illegal aliens, no one had cleaned dishes, flipped a hamburger or mowed a lawn.) 

 Next “illegal immigrant” was replaced by “undocumented worker” despite the fact that this caused a great deal of confusion about the proper terminology for illegal convicted felons — who constitute 27% of the US prison population:  should they now be referred to as “undocumented workers” committing the crimes that Americans just won’t do?

Meanwhile the rest of the world sit by scratching their collective heads about all the brouhaha in the US regarding the lack of enforcement of immigration laws.  There is not one country in the world that does not at least attempt to enforce its immigration laws; in fact, Mexico,  the major source and/or conduit through which the vast numbers of illegal aliens come, vigorously enforces its own southern border with Belize and Guatemala and deports more individuals annually than does the US!

In the end, it is now abundantly clear what the root of the issue is.  Obama and the Democrats have one common goal — to convert the existing millions of illegal aliens into Democrat voters after blanket amnesty is passed.   Therefore, “Illegal Aliens” should be known for what they are:   “Undocumented Democrats.” 

The current situation is at least a win-win situation for both Mexico and Democrats; Mexico gets to export to the US its social responsibility by shedding its unemployed, unskilled and/or undereducated populace (not to mention quite a few of  its criminals) AND Democrats get to harvest 12-20 million new voters.


1.  Report on Criminal Illegal Aliens, Government Accountability Office (GAO), http://www.gao.gov/htext/d05337r.html, http://www.gao.gov/new.items/d05337r.pdf

2.  Mexican Deportation of Illegal Aliens, Providence Journal, J. Michael Waller,  04/24/2006.


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