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President Urkel’s Obamanomics: Lessons from Castro’s Cuba | September 18, 2010

President Urkel Obama Strutting His Obamacare Stuff

Ironic that in the Age of Obama’s Hope and Change and the socialization of the US economy, Communist Fidel Castro pronounced that Cuba’s economic system, i.e., socialism/communism “doesn’t even work for us anymore.”   Furthermore, Communist Cuba has announced plans to lay off at least 500,000  government workers — nearly 10% of the total workforce! —  by April 2011, forcing those workers to find employment in the now-practically non-existent “private sector.”  Cuba has declared that this number will likely be increased to 1 million government workers of jobs shed by the overbloated Cuban government.

“Our state cannot and should not continue supporting businesses, production entities and services with inflated payrolls, and losses that hurt our economy [and] are ultimately counterproductive, creating bad habits and distorting worker conduct,” Cuba’s Communist union said!

Amazing to consider this is a communist union talking about “inflated payrolls” and “counterproductive…bad habits”!  The world has certainly changed when the US could take economic lessons from Communist Castro’s Cuba! 

Comrade Obama Could Learn A Lot from Me!

As the US marches headlong into a top-down, government nanny state including the crown jewel of Obama’s reign, the recently passed socialized healthcare debacle aka “ObamaCare,” Castro’s Cuba is shedding huge numbers of government workers and dialing it back, acknowledging the importance and role of the free market.  To add insult to injury, Castro made it clear that the Cuban people “must stop expecting too much from the government, which provides free education and health care.”

Next up:  Obama, Pelossi, Reid, Oliver Stone and Michael Moore organize a beer summit to commisserate and cry over a drink or two – assuming, of course, that the US taxpayers pick up the tab.

Sources:  “The Atlantic,” 09/08/2010, http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2010/09/fidel-cuban-model-doesnt-even-work-for-us-anymore/62602/

Cuba to pink slip half-million workers,” The New York Post, 09/14/2010, http://www.nypost.com/p/news/international/cuba_to_pink_slip_half_million_workers_yEnOpCg6o7hTEmd4w9NY7L


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