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Christine O’Donnell: How Practicing Witchcraft Prepared Her for Politics | September 23, 2010

Christine O’Donnell has become the talk of the nation; the “Tea Party” candidate O’Donnell beat Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican primary for the upcoming Delaware Senate Seat.  Mike Castle who has been the nominal Republican senator since George Washington became the nation’s first president was supposed to be a shoo-in, so the Republican National Committee was extremely displeased that their comfortable little arrangement was upset by Christine O’Donnell who actually believes in smaller government rather than Mike Castle who spoke one way then played footsie with his more popular liberal, Democrat friends on the other side of the isle.

According to the “establishment political talking heads” like Karl Rove, James “The Snakehead” Carville and Chrissy Matthews, the only chance a Republican has to win in a state like Delaware is to be more — how does one say this delicately — to be more Democrat.  So voters in Delaware should have two options:  liberal REAL Democrats or soft, squishy FAKE Democrats called Republicans or Democrats Lite.

Rove’s head has nearly exploded from the apostacy caused by O’Donnell’s win in Delaware since now the Republicans will surely “lose” the election to her Democrat challenger Chris Coons.  The reason is simple in Rove’s opinion:  Christine O’Donnell is “too radical,” meaning she actually believes that government should be smaller, and in the world of the “established political elite” only O’Donnell is considered the “radical” against Coons who once called himself a “bearded Marxist.”  Only in their world could a strict Constitutionalist be considered a “radical” while someone who once wrote a college article, entitled:   “Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist”  is considered mainstream!

Bill Maher, that delightful fruitcake “comedian” and political pundit, started playing a 13-year-old interview of O’Donnell who is a Christian, saying that as a teenager, she once dabbled in witchcraft.  He is using this clip as a way to blackmail her into making an appearance on his show; considering Maher, it’s no wonder he feels that he has to blackmail people to appear on his show. 

The joke is on Bill Maher, however, since O’Donnell’s dabbling in the “dark side” should give her an amazing advantage in dealing with establishment politicians and those in the media who would love to bring her down — after all, one should know one’s enemy.   In the end, it will take one reformed good witch to bring down the dark side — a la Harry Potter.

Whether O’Donnell wins or loses, however, at least the people of Delaware finally have a choice between two distinct candidates:  one who believes in the Constitution, smaller government and free-markets or “the bearded Marxist.”

Sources:  http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/sep/22/the-other-senate-candidate/




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