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“Waiting for Superman”: US Education in the Era of Urkel Obama

October 20, 2010
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“Waiting for Superman” is an amazing documentary about the US education system, made even more amazing by the fact that the film is an actual documentary made by the same filmmaker who pawned off “Inconvenient Truth” as a convenient yarn about man-made global warming, featuring the High Priestess of that religion, Al Gore.

“Waiting for Superman” tracks the lives of a half-dozen students and their quest for a decent education against a back-drop of our failing public education system; what was once a good solid education system has disintegrated to the point where it is now an official “quest” for trailblazing students to actually learn how to read and write at a single-digit grade level (for those of you who were unfortunate enough to graduate from US public schools that means:  1-9). 

Through the ceaseless yammering about “doing it for the children,” the teacher’s unions and the Democrat Party are the only beneficiaries of our current system.  Incompetent teachers  never get fired and the Democrat Party benefits from political campaign contributions from the teachers unions and their troops of self-centered minions.  All the while, the public get bombarded by teary-eyed shysters, posing as teachers, complaining that they don’t get paid enough and that “classrooms are too big” which is really nothing but a code term for teachers not being able to control their classes, thus giving the teachers unions yet another excuse for hiring even more teachers in turn extorting more union dues to funnel to Democrats in the next election cycle.  It is no wonder that the only thing that educators seem to teach the children these days is how to put prophylactics on cucumbers:  it’s as far as the teachers themselves got in their own educations.  For the real teachers left, the experience must be as bewildering as the American public having to listen to Nancy Pelosi explain that “we have to pass the bill before we can know what is in it.”

As bewildering as Pelosi’s explanation on how to pass legislation is how the Obama Administration refused earlier this year to extend school vouchers for underprivileged children in the DC public schools, allowing them to attend schools where they might actually have a chance to learn.  Allowing parents to choose a school to send their children is just too threatening to the teachers union, the most powerful in the country, and, therefore, to the Democrat Party.


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