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Hillary’s Balls and Urkel’s “Grope and Change”

November 24, 2010
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"...and trust me, I've seen all three of them..."

At a Christian Science Monitor breakfast on Thursday, 11/18/2010, Democrat strategist James “Snakehead” Carville said that if “Hillary gave Obama one of her balls, they’d both have two.”  (http://tv.breitbart.com/carville-if-hillary-gave-obama-one-of-her-balls-theyd-both-have-two/).

"Don't touch my junk, bro"


Back in 2008, an irate Rev. Jesse Jackson was caught on tape saying that he wanted to “cut his [Barack Obama’s] nuts out.” 

Now, if President Obama goes through airport security, Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano would want to grope and fondle him.

Although I don’t understand the obsession with Urkel’s privates or TSA’s obsession with the public’s privates for that matter, I do wonder if there were something found lacking with the Presidential “junk,” would it be covered under Obamacare?   Maybe the missing one is in Al Gore’s lockbox?

Whatever the case, it is clear that in 2 short years under President Urkel Obama that we have gone from “Hope and Change” to “Hope for a Little Spare Change” to “Grope for Pocket Change.”

Osama bin Laden and his mangy pack of human explosives must be having a chuckle in some cave in Northeastern Turdistan as CNN shows the chaos caused by Americans turning on Americans in security lines around the country.  9/11 has just become a win for them…


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The Snake in the Garden of History: A Brief Overview of Socialist Utopians Gone Awry

November 18, 2010

In the 1930’s there were three newly planted gardens in which the snake of progressivism had invested much hope and inspiration; each garden was tended by three different gardeners with different styles but with much the same goal — to create the Garden of Eden or “utopia” as they preferred to call it — socialism by all other names.   Stalin of the former Soviet Union was an international protetariat-variety socialist; Mussilini in Italy was of the similar school while Hitler mixed a little nationalism into his socialist mix, resulting in Nazism (Nationalsozialismus from Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei or National Socialist German Workers Party).   The three were like Damian Triplets of “Omen”-fame, turning viciously on one another by degrees and at different times. 

While Hitler with his Teutonic-efficiency gets branded as the most notorious mass murderer of all time, Stalin easily put him to shame at almost a 3 to 1 murder “advantage” — the Soviets were just not as meticulous when it came to their mass-murder tallies as were the Germans.

Unfortunately, American and European intellectuals and elites vested a great deal of hope in these three gardens as they were convinced that scientific methods mixed with a good heap of “social justice “could create their earthly versions of paradise by eradicating the disparate gap between the rich and poor, the educated and uneducated and the advantaged and the disadvantaged.  

While suppressing protests against Nazi atrocities, for example, Harvard University sanctioned the Nazi consul general in Boston in laying a swastika-emblazoned wreath in the Memorial Church at Harvard University.  In another example, Columbia University president, Nicholas Murray Butler destroyed the academic career of art historian Jerome Klein for publicly protesting Nazi crimes.

Even after WWII and the world became aware of Nazi atrocities, American institutions of higher-learning accepted several known Nazis and/or Nazi-sympatherizers as faculty members! 

“The University of Chicago, for example, welcomed to its faculty lounge a Nazi official who was complicit in atrocities that “cover[ed] a complete range of a demented imagination … torture and killing.” The official went from leaving “Jewish corpses in the street to be chewed up by dogs” to “a highly successful professional career” as part of the “educated class” of David Brooks and our media elites.”

Britain’s Edward VIII is remembered more as the noble but meek king who gave up his crown for the love of American divorcee, Wallis Simpson, than as the open Nazi-sympatherizer that he was.

Joe Kennedy, patriarch of the politically powerful Kennedy dynasty, was the American Ambassador to Great Britain and was such an open admirer of Hitler that he was at odds with President Roosevelt and resigned after Roosevelt was reelected in 1940.

In the November 1938 edition of “Homes and Gardens,” an intimate portrait of Hitler follows, describing him in the following manner:

“There is nothing pretentious about his little estate. It is one that any merchant might possess in these lovely hills. All visitors are shown their host’s model kennels, where he keeps magnificent Alsatians. Some of his pedigree pets are allowed the run of the house, especially on days when he gives a “Fun Fair” for the local children. He delights in the society of brilliant foreigners, especially painters, singers and musicians. As host he is a droll raconteur. Every morning at nine he goes out for a talk with his gardeners about their day’s work. These men, like the chauffeur and air-pilot, are not so much servants as loyal friends. A life-long vegetarian at table, his kitchen plots are both varied and heavy with produce. Even in his meatless diet, he is something of a gourmet. He is his own decorator, designer and furnisher, as well as architect.”

One might think him the perfect Silicon Valley model citizen:  vegetarian, dog-lover, anti-smoker, eco-friendly and, not to mention, decorator and designer!





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House Falls on Wicked Witch of the West: Fall-Out from the 2010 Elections

November 4, 2010

Pelosi: "We have to have the house fall on us before we can know what is in it."

Thank God November 2nd and the mid-term elections are over; it will give us time to catch our collective breathes at least for another 12 months before we’re bombarded with the political ads for the 2012 presidential elections.

Tuesday, 11/02/2010, Republicans took back control of the House with a decisive 60+ seat gain, picked up 6 Senate seats and gained significant governorships, even making liberal Maine an “all red state” for the first time in 50 years.  Of course, Mexifornia formerly known as California ignored common sense and elected Jerry Brown (D) as governor over Nut-Meg Whitman (r) aka eMeg and re-elected Democrat Barbara “Box-of-Rocks” Boxer who is not qualified to get a job as a clerk in a brassiere shop so decided to become a career politician, living off the backs of the taxpayers while turning her beak up at the great unwashed. 

I can see why Californians would vote for Boxer over former-HP CEO Carly Fiorini — why vote in someone with real world experience such as Carly when you can vote in Smeagle’s Mini-Me, Boxer?  Not to be outdone, California District 28 voted in a dead Democrat into Congress with 56% of the vote; next up:  Pelosi’s ruby slippers to be voted in as California Democrat Secretary of State.   It’s not too far of a stretch to imagine that if Hitler, Stalin or Mao were resurrected from the dead, they would be ideal California politicians as long as they had a “D” in back of their names.

Meanwhile, with Captain Urkel Obama at the helm, the Good Ship Lollipop full of Democrats on Tuesday, 11/02/2010 struck an ice-berg full of angry Tea-Party “clingers.”  With at least 60 new Republican congressmen elected, taking control of the House from the Democrats, and at least 6 new senate seats, the nattering class of media liberal elites are smuggly gloating that Republicans are fighting over their “failed” Tea-Party candidates — Sharron Angle in Nevada and Christine O’Donnell in Delaware.  This is a bit like snarky former Japanese military officers gloating about a rift between General McArthur and President Truman after the US vanquished the Japanese military in World War II.

Meanwhile, of the newly elected Republican politicians, two are Hispanic (Rubio in Florida and Susanna Martinez in Texas) and two are African-American (Allen West in Florida and Tim Scott in South Carolina) and one Sikh Nikki Haley (Governnor South Carolina) for good measure — all backed by Tea-Party activists.  The media are still trying to figure out how to paint Republicans and Tea-Party activists as racists in this story — check back later, it’ll take them awhile but they will no doubt conjure something up.

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