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US Citizens Violated by a Lame Duck

December 22, 2010
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Today, 12/22/2010, finally ended the orgy of political abuse by the Gang of Lame Ducks, led by Nazi Bela Lugosi (aka Nancy Pelosi) and Dirty Harry “Squeaky” Reid, known officially as the end of the 111th Congress.  (My personal suggestion is to replace the 1’s with 6’s for a more appropriate appellation.)

Cruella Bela Lugosi Pelosi and Harry "Squeaky" Reid

After the “shellacking” that Obama and the Demonrats took on 11/04/2010, the filthy pack of third-world politicos used scorched earth politics to ram the remainder of their agenda down the throats of the dismayed — but at this point — not-altogether-surprised American public

Dirty Harry "Squeaky" Reid Salutes the US

The weeks from 11/04 to today have been like watching in slow motion Jody Foster’s character in The Accused being gang-raped while being powerless to stop it.  To add insult to injury, the alphabet soup “news” programs and the nation’s “journalists” cheered on the worthless degenerates, praising how much the Obama Administration and the Democrats were “able to get done.” 

Had Congress and the Senate been controlled by Republicans and had they done the same, the equally worthless purveyors of propaganda known as the American mainstream media would have been outraged, demanding that the Republicans cease and desist from making decisions until the newly elected Congress-critters and Senators were properly installed.

However, as is evident from the facts, the Demonrats have the power of their cynical and often destructive convictions while their Republican accomplices checked their spines in at the Capitol cloak room.


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