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President Urkel Obama: The Ken Doll of US Politics

March 30, 2011
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When Obama was elected, he was dressed up by those in the liberal media as FDR, Jr., heading up the largest expansion of government since FDR tried to turn the US into the USSR of North America.  When the American public grew tired of Ken dressed as the Father of American Socialism, FDR, they talked of Urkel “Ken” Obama and Michelle “Barbie” Jackie Obama as heralding in Camelot II, complete with Queen Michelle trolloping off on a multi-million dollar junket through Europe with the Crown Princesses in tow despite the fact that the public were none too pleased watching its elected President and his imperial wife acting like the public purse were its own.

After the “drubbing” Urkel Obama, the Ken doll of US politics, took in the November 2010 election, the media began to dress him up like Ronald Reagan, despite the Left’s and Urkel Obama’s distinct distaste for the former President.

Now, with the US launching Middle East War #3 in Libya, the “anti-war” Ken Urkel doll is now dressed up like a butch Eisenhower.  Of course, when Urkel was merely Ken, Jr. and the distinquished Illinois state senator from Chicagoland, where political crime has been developed into a high art, Obama stated on 10/02/2002 that toppling Sadam Hussein in Iraq was “dumb” because there was no “direct threat” from Iraq. 

However, 9 years later, Obama has ordered the US military’s involvement in Libya where there is no “direct threat.”  Code Pink who was shown on the news almost hourly protesting “Bush’s Illegal War” in Iraq is noticeably silent.   Likewise, Sean Penn and George Clooney are now too involved in dressing each other up for Reese Witherspoon’s wedding to bother pontificating about “Obama’s Illegal War” and the killing of Libyan innocents.

Meanwhile, liberals are busy dressing their Ken doll up in his newest outfit for his latest incarnation — perhaps, a new, updated book is in the works:  “The Emperor’s Newest Clothes.”

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