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The Tea Party Meets the The Coke Party

October 12, 2011

The Left and its cheerleaders, the Main Stream Media, are dearly hoping the scruffy, pimply cesspool of humanity camping out on Wall Street will be the answer to the Tea Parties that spontaineously erupted around the country in response to the Democrat-lead, unprecedented growth of government and the bankrupting of our country.

The “Occupy Wall Street” crowd looks like the spoiled kids of the 1% pretending to be the 99% indulging their 60’s-era post-Hippy professors in recreating Woodstock.  In this case, instead of naked young hippies smoking pot and tripping on acid in a field of mud, we get young and over-the-hill hippies smoking pot and tripping on acid — which can only explain their signs — and defecating on police cars.  Meanwhile, down the block, NY sewer rats with clothes pins on their snouts are angrily protesting the stench and filth of the invading protesters who have mucked up their neighborhood.

(Question:  What’s the difference between a pencil and the Occupy Wall Street Crowd?  Answer:  one of them has a point.)

The contrast between the Tea Party and the Occupy Wall Street crowd can be summed up best by simple comparisons:  the Tea Party protestors show up for a few hours on their lunch hour or on their weekends because they have jobs; the Occupy Wall Street crowd arrive and camp for days going into weeks and no one in their lives apparently notices that they’re missing — needless to say, no employers miss them.  Within minutes after disbanding, the area occupied by the Tea Party protestors was left cleaner than it was when they arrived.  The area occupied by the Occupy Wall Street crowd is piling up with garbage — which sometimes is indistinguishable from the protestors themselves — and which the protestors expect others to clean up.  Lastly, the Tea Party protestors object to the bloated government intruding into individuals’ lives and liberties; the Occupy Wall Street gang openly advocates mob-rule and expects someone else to pick up the tab.


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