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Wisconsin: Cheeseheads vs. Knuckleheads | June 7, 2012

Tuesday, June 5, 2012, Scott Walker survived a recall election instigated by a swarm of angry Democrats and their overlords — organized Union thugs.  Despite the DNC’s dumping millions of dollars into an effort to recall Governor Scott Walker for doing what he promised he would do — that is:  balance the budget — and that paragon of liberal virtue, Bill “Lewinsky” Clinton, pounding the pavement (as it were), Scott Walker prevailed — despite being a Republican in a state known as the People’s Republic of Cheeseheads.

Since then, Barack “Urkel Kardashian” Obama has raised millions of dollars from Hollywood’s intellectual elites; Cher was recently seen propped up in the corner of yesterday’s fundraiser in Los Angeles with the help of several assistants who mistook her lack of breath for breathlessness in the presence of the Telepromtor-in-Chief — who was still convinced that he has only one more state left to visit since he has visited all 57 of the other states.  Anna “Helmet Head” Wintour rode Sarah Jessica “Horsehead” Parker into the three-ring circus while Nero fiddled in the background.

In an effort to fight the Republican’s “War Against Women” — generated by Democrats in response to the public’s dislike of the idea of a prestigious, private college law school student, Sandra Fluck,  demanding that the public pay for her contraception, President Urkel Kardashian joked “naughtily” that Ellen Degenerate complained that his wife — the First Lady Michelle Obama, “didn’t go all the way down.”  Classy act, our President.  Note to self:  investigate who is actually waging a war against women…


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