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Affordable Campaign Contribution Act: New Cash for Urkel Obama’s Re-Election Campaign

July 3, 2012
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There is yet another “silver lining” of the recent Supreme Court decision to let Obamacare stand; Democrats are now able to and should pass a law stating that all Americans should contribute to Obama’s re-election campaign.  If Americans choose not to contribute, they will simply be taxed — or is the proper term “penalized”?  (Chief Justice Roberts to decide when he returns from vacation in Malta.)

The boon to Obama’s campaign coffers will be immeasurable, benefiting all Americans, of course.   Additional benefits of the Act would be an increase in employment since the US government will need to hire more IRS agents to insure compliance.  Of course, waivers will be issued to labor unions (since they already contribute all their campaign contributions to Democrats already); illegal aliens (since their votes for Democrats are guaranteed);  and the State of Nevada (for the simply reason that Democrat Harry Reid is their senator).

The better news is that the Act can be summarized in far fewer than 2,900 pages!

Nancy Pelosi, however, still insists that Congress will need to pass the bill before we can know what is in it.


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Obamacare: Where All Pigs Are Equal But Some Pigs Get Waivers

July 1, 2012
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Orwell was certainly prescient in “Animal Farm” when he invisioned a futuristic farm wherein the farm animals take over and establish democratic rule; unfortunately, the pigs in charge ultimately determine that while “all animals are equal … some are more equal than others.”

And, hence, we get Obamacare where everyone is taxed as a penalty for not carrying health insurance and also, ironically, where everyone is taxed anyway.  President Barak Urkel Obama pontificated that no one earning less than $250,000 would see a tax increase under his administration, then he and the Democrat controlled Congress and the Senate passed Obamacare under the cover of moral darkness and amid the vicissitudes of political corruption and cronism.  This was NOT a tax, the Democrats assured us — only it turns out that the Supreme Court just recently confirmed otherwise.

The Wall Street Journal’s Chief Economist figured that 75% of the cost of Obamacare will fall squarely on the backs of those making $150,000 or less per year — the last anyone checked $150,000 is less than $250,000 even to those who were taught “new math” at America’s prestigious public schools.

Her Highness Nancy Bela Lugosi Pelosi flying in on her Thai Stick from California’s Sodom By the Bay is now weighing in:  Obamacare is a penalty that falls under the tax code.  The White House Press Secretary spent 5 minutes trying to explain how the penalty is a penalty and not a tax.  Meanwhile, Baghdad Bob is still proclaiming that Iraq is winning the war and the American military is being crushed by Saddam Hussein‘s superior forces.

The mental gymnastics and contortions these people must perform to justify Obamacare would make Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda Goebbel’s blush.  Obamacare is now old enough, however, to begin to smell like rancid milk, and the American people are holding their collective noses.

Obamacare was supposed to be the magic bullet to our health care problems but instead it has caused many to begin dodging the bullet.  The question must be asked:  if Obamacare is so spectacular, why are so many companies and states asking for and getting waivers and exemptions from it?

So far, over 1,200 waivers have been issued, 20% of those to companies in Nazi Pelosi’s district alone, and at least one entire state, Nevada, Senate Majority Leader Dirty Harry Reid‘s state, has been exempted.  Not surprising, of course, Congress is also exempted.  Add labor unions and the various Obama-supporting corporations and you have a veritable menagerie of those who preached how wonderful it would be for all of us — apparently not for them.


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