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Election 2016: The Fun Never Ends! | October 29, 2016


In years past at this point in the election cycle with less than 2 weeks to go, voters would be anxious to get to election day so that they can discover which of the two Uniparty candidates will occupy the Oval Office, or in this case the Oral Office, should Hillary prevail and the First Dude Bill darken the White House threshold again.  The Kabuki Theater that has become the US presidential cycle follows strict role-playing guidelines governing the two parties:  the Democrats play the role of the abuser while the Republicans play the part of the abused spouse and the dysfunctional relationship is supported by the enablers of the abusers — the DNC propagandists, otherwise known as the Mainstream Media.

Unfortunately for the Washington, DC Drama Class of 2016, a transfer student appeared, unfamiliar with the established roles and with a complete indifference to them.  Trump edged his way into the part of the Republican and wanted to rewrite the part, refusing the mantle of suffering victimhood, usually relished by past Republicans performers.  As the saying goes, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and suddenly, all the abusers, usurped victims and the enabled had one common enemy:  Trump.  Suddenly, the establishment Republican party joined forces with the Democrat party and their bully accomplices, the Media in an attempt to drive out the new kid on the block.

2016 has turned out to be a banner year in the theatre business since there were additional cast members who wanted to be included to help spice up the tawdry, antiquated script:  Wikileaks, Gucifer, Assange, Snowden, et al, who have thrown the entire production script into last season’s dustbin.  A new sort of drama has emerged:  more of a hybrid reality performance art piece that actually encourages the audience to participate instead of falling asleep or slipping out the exits.

Finally, the audience are actively engaged after realizing the producers, George Soros and Saudi Arabia, to name just a few, had previously hand-picked the actors in prior productions and set the script according to the ending they wanted instead of the ending the audience paid to see.

While Hillary and Kaine, billed as “Kaine & Unable,” stumble across the stage, playing their old scripted parts, Trump interacts with the audience and plays against type to the delight of the audience and to the chagrin of the Media critics.

As entertaining as the new format is, my vote is to let the drama continue to unfold!


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