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2016: Drain the Swamp, The Rise of the Deplorables | November 9, 2016


Last night, Tuesday, November 8, 2016, the Blue Wall crumbled as the Rust Belt states turned the designated Coronation of Kim Jong Hillary into a triumphant win for the Cheeto-faced Billionaire Donald Trump.  Mainstream Media pundits’ faces fell and some actually melted in agony as they tried to make sense of the Trump Train as it steamrolled over them.

If the DNC-propagandists in the media had bothered to open their eyes and attend a Trump rally over the past several months, it should have been clear what was unfolding:  flyer-over Americans of all stripes, the Official Deplorables, as Hillary had referred to Trump voters were rising up and demanding common sense from their elected politicians: secure borders, better trade deals, jobs and healthcare that is actually affordable instead of the signature “accomplishment” of the current administration:  Obamacare.

The Deplorables disengaged themselves from the Republican and Democrat Establishment’s Matrix which insists on categorizing everyone by victim group, racial category and economic status — the Deplorables were simply American and green who demanded that the swamp in Washington, DC be drained of the  graft and corruption that have become hallmarks of the establishment parties.

Nothing exemplified that swamp like the revelations about the media’s collusion with the DNC and insights into the Clinton Foundation as revealed through Wikileak documents which shed light on how Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State sold access and foreign policy favors and influence through “gifts” and contributions to the Clinton Foundation.  What a money laundering scheme that was — and is.  Perhaps, Bill and Hill will now have more time to devote to their “charitable” enterprises as the new Bonnie & Clyde of American politics.



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