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Already Making America Great Again! | November 16, 2016


On the night of the election, as state after state went from the Media’s favorite color blue to red for Donald Trump, the stoic neutrality of the Main Stream Media (MSM) was put to the test.  The DNC’s propaganda ministers’ faces fell; some cried; and Anderson Cooper disappeared for a period and was last seen crawling into a whisky bottle at a local dive bar in Manhattan.

The day after the election, university professors called off midterm exams and handed out Play-Doh and coloring books to students who were confused and upset to learn that Kim Jong Hillary would not be coronated Queen after all.  Fairness was in short supply; no participation trophies were awarded.  Bewilderment turned quickly to anger and disappointment.

The next day, protests broke out in Blue Cities around the country, demanding that Trump be assassinated  and Melania be raped.  George Soros threw Hillary, his failed mouthpiece, over board and began employing basement dwellers to protest Trump.  In addition to paying $15-$18/hour, as an added incentive, Soros promised to hand out “Love Trumps Hate” diaper pins, adult-sized pacificiers and half-priced “I’m with Her” campaign merchandise.  Trump hasn’t even taken office yet and already unemployment has fallen!


Meanwhile, in order to raise funds to repay her biggest campaign contributors — the anti-American, radical Muslim countries of Saudi Arabi, Qatar and GeorgeSoros-stan, Hillary has decided to auction off to the highest bidder personally deleted emails from her personal file server.  Huma’s face has started to appear on the side of milk cartons, and Obama has ordered his moving van.

“Make America Great Again!”


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  1. Great job, Justin!!!!

    Comment by Martha D. Gies-Chumney — November 16, 2016 @ 6:31 pm

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