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“Dances with Grifters”: Fall-Out from the 2016 Election | December 6, 2016


Dr. Jill Stein, Presidential Candidate of the Green Party, has started a fund drive to raise money to recount the ballots in three battleground states:  Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.  She apparently thought the “green” in Green Party meant US currency; no one is sure why she wants a recount unless it is to find the 3 votes cast for her on November 8th.  Suspiciously, Dr. Jill Stein only appears in public with Hillary, one on each of Soros’ bony knees.

Democrat Senator of Massachusetts, Chief Lie-awatha Elizabeth Warren is on the war path, promising to run down the Trump Train as it barrels through the Rust Belt, her tribe’s former ancestral hunting grounds; she promised to scalp Steve Bannon, Trump’s appointment as White House Chief Strategist, claiming that he supported “white nationalist” ideals as head of Breitbart.  Meanwhile, Keith Ellison, a Muslim, anti-Semite and black separatist, appears to be the front-runner for top chief position of the DNC.

Apparently, Democrats interpreted Trump’s election as a further indication that the voting public want more Democrat collusion, cronyism and communism instead of less.  Almost immediately after the election, Democrats in Congress voted to dust off Nazi Bela Lugosi Pelosi and release her from the crypt to lead them into a new era of bitterness and contention.

The Grim Reaper visited atheist Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro on the day after Thanksgiving, the first official day of Christmas shopping; ironically, Castro spent his life fighting the evils of capitalism then died on Black Friday, the day symbolizing the commercialization of a Christian holiday.  Castro’s death left Leftists and Obama distraught; Michael Moore was doubly traumatized to learn that Michael “Jim” Delligatti, the inventor of the Big Mac, died a few days later.  Moore was last seen at Trump Tower in Manhattan, dressed in a black circus tent sorrowfully petitioning for a national day of mourning, blaming Trump for the dual catastrophes.

Trump won.  Hillary lost. Castro died.  God Bless America.



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