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Orange is the New Black, and Russians are the New Jews

May 13, 2017
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Russians Everywhere

Trump’s first 100 days in Office were recently assessed by his “adoring” fans in the Mainstream Media, also known as the Ministry of DNC Agitprob:  Anderson “Vanderbilt” Cooper rolled his “mean-girl” eyes dramatically during his interview with Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s former campaign manager; Stephen Colbert lambasted Trump for his comments about someone named Dickerson on “Deface the Nation”; and someone named Mika Brzezinski called out CNN for even interviewing Kellyanne Conway as indulging in “politics porn.”  (Ironic that the media are awash in claims of Russians behind every turn, yet they missed an obvious target-rich person with a name like Mika Brzezinski.)


Meanwhile, Leftists and Progressives drew disillusioned pimply-faced man-children from their parents’ basements, dressed them up in black masks and dark clothing and gave them bats to riot and protest freedom of speech at such “liberal bastions” as UC Berkeley.  This new movement called Antifa (ironically “Anti-Fascists”) shut down planned speaking engagements by both Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay, practicing Catholic British citizen of Greek and Jewish descent, and Ann Coulter, an anorexic, acerbic provocateur; Milo’s and Ann’s biggest crime against humanity is that they did not vote for Hillary Rotten Clinton.

Meanwhile, the media were abuzz with charges that Trump and the Russians had colluded to “hack” the 2016 election against Hillary; no one seemed interested in discussing the fact that it was the crooked Democrats who wrote the “how to rig the Democrat primary against Bernie” memos — not the Russians.  How dare the Russians try to rig our elections by exposing how the Democrats rigged their primary election!

Just when that media seemed out of breath beating that dead horse, Trump fired FBI Director James Comey.  Democrats beat up poor James Comey during the election for investigating Hillary for having an unsecured file server in her outhouse with classified information then deleting 33,000 emails and taking hammers to subpoenaed cell phones and laptops.  Democrats demanded that Obama fire Comey; now, that Trump has fired Comey, Democrats demand that Trump be impeached.

Comey Suicide Email

With Comey gone, Trump supporters are hoping the investigation into Kim Jung Hillary’s email server will be pursued with renewed vigor while the Democrats continue to cast Russians as their new villains much to the relief of their former favorite scapegoats.




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