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Obamacare: The Alpo of Health Care Reform

March 27, 2010
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Now that President Urkel Obama has signed Obamacare into law, it’s amazing to see how many “fixes” and amendments have had to be made already.   Speaker of the House, Her Royal Highness, San Fran Nan Pelosi wasn’t exaggerating when she said, “we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it.” That’s akin to telling us that we have to open Pandora’s Box to discover that all the ills of the world will be unleashed — most of us know the story and didn’t need to repeat Pandora’s mistake.  However, now that SanFranNan-dora’s Box has been opened, we are also finding out that we have unleashed an additional squadron of green flying monkeys to do the further bidding of the Brahmin Witch of the West from the Deranged City by the Bay.

It should be no surprise that the Democrat Party that soley owns this “historic” piece of … legislation — is run by politicians with last names that remind one of bloody battles and sausage-making.   Picture Gore and Slaughter providing the raw materials, so to speak, for the Franks and Weiners (as in Barney and Anthony — is there an abnormal amount of lead in the drinking water in the  Northeast?). 

Anything that takes over 2,000 pages to explain is probably not worth the paper it’s printed on, producing what should fondly be referred to as the “Alpo of Health Care Reform.” As the old motto goes, if it looks like a dog’s dinner and smells like a dog’s dinner, it is probably a dog’s dinner. (Apologies to Purina if associating Alpo dog food with Obamacare creates a public relations issue with their canine customers.)

The Democrats could have simplfied the entire process in much simpler language with far fewer words that the average American can read and understand in one sitting; here is an example:

The right to health care is “ensured by free, qualified medical care provided by state health institutions; by extension of the network of therapeutic and health-building institutions; by the development and improvement of safety and hygiene in industry; by carrying out broad prophylactic measures; by measures to improve the environment; by special care for the health of the rising generation, including prohibition of child labour, excluding the work done by children as part of the school curriculum; and by developing research to prevent and reduce the incidence of disease and ensure citizens a long and active life.”

That is lifted verbatim from Article 42 of the Constitution of the former USSR, which the DNC regarded as the Mecca of political reform,  and look how well that turned out.