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Obama’s Gangnam-Style Campaign: Big Bird, Binders & Biden

October 26, 2012
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With less than two weeks left in the blurr of presidential debates and campaign ads and slogans, we are left holding our collective heads like the famous picture, “The Scream.” Obama has certainly taken his bid for reelection in directions hitherto unseen in presidential campaigns in what can only be deemed in the current vernacular — Gangnam-Style: a pulsing, hypnotic beat interspersed with unintelligible words and phrases and flashing psychotropic images.

In the first debate, villianous “Snidley Whiplash” Romney to the Left (Dudley Do-right to the rest) mentioned that he would cut public funding to Corporation for Public Broadcasting, home of “Sesame Street.” The incensed Obama campaign immediately saw a target-rich environment to attack Romney and claimed he would pull the plug on Big Bird.

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The “Weekly Standard” ran an article entitled, “Big Bird is Big Business” in which it was reported that, “[i]n 2011 Sesame Workshop took in $46.9 million in licensing income from Sesame Street.” It turns out that Big Bird is part of the 1%! It’s surprising that Obama didn’t demand that Big Bird start paying his fair share!

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Next up, during another debate segment, Mitt Romney stated that when he became governor of Massachusetts, he noticed that there were not many high-level women in state government, so he reached out for help in addressing the issue. The Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus provided him a “binder” produced in 2002 by the Massachusetts Government Appointments Project in which were names and resumes of potential female candidates for high-level positions.

Smelling more “blood” in the water, Obama’s team of sharks jumped into action deriding Romney for “putting women in binders” — Bill Clinton, then, immediately interrupted demanding to know where this binder was…

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After the US Ambassador to Benghazi, Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed in a terrorist attack on the anniversary of 09/11 by a band of well-armed and organized terrorists, the Obama Administration spun a tale regarding a cheesy YouTube “movie” that apparently whipped the otherwise calm and collected Islamic terrorists into whirling dervishes that just happened to spin out of control and ended into murder and mayhem.

Instead of bringing the perpetrators to swift justice, the Obama administration blamed the Egyptian American “film-maker” and threw him into jail (where he sits now, scheduled to be released days after the election).  Apparently, the Left is now not only against the 2nd Amendment but also against the 1st Amendment.

Lastly, Obama unleashed his secret weapon — unlocking the attic and releasing Vice President Joe “Crazy Uncle” Biden.  When Biden addressed Chip Woods, the grieving father of fallen Navy Seal Tyrone Woods, Biden asked Mr. Woods, ‘Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?’